Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 7, Author Interview with Marsha Ward, founder of ANWA

This week's episode is an interview with our dear friend and mentor Marsha Ward - truly a gift to hundreds of LDS women writers and thousands of their readers who have benefited from Marsha's tireless efforts in organizing and overseeing American Night Writers Association. 

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Here are the first three novels in Marsha Ward's Owens family saga:

Carl Owen doesn't intend to lose anything—not his land, not his cattle, and certainly not his girl—ever again!

This is a book to prize, and not only for its gritty realism, exciting action, and compelling characters. The story further engages us by examining the ties that hold family and community together. Not many Westerns do that. Heartily recommended! - C.K. Crigger

Thinking he's been treated unjustly by his father, James Owen leaves the family homestead to make a new life for himself.
I was enthralled, and sitting on the edge of my chair, as I read RIDE TO RATON. This is an exciting, quick paced, heartwarming, and heartrending story! James and Amparo are wonderfully "real" characters, with the emotions and interactions between them touching my heart. The secondary characters were fantastic: from mean and drunk, to kind and generous, they added extra life—and spice—to the story. The first one of Marsha Ward's books I've read, I am highly impressed. A western in the true sense of the word, yet with plenty of romance, this one is definitely worth your time if you are a lover of westerns or romances, or both. - Teresa Henson

Jessie Bingham put heartbreak away to tend to her sister's needs, but when she settled for second best in love, she didn't foresee that James Owen would come back into her life.
I really really liked this book. I liked the first two books in the series too, but this book seemed to flow beautifully and connect with me.
I must admit I usually have difficulty getting "into" a book. I think it's just me, sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the people right off the bat. Not this book, I was right there, submerged in 1867 and could even smell the hay in the barn!!!
This book starts with a BANG...(I was shocked and extremely impressed!) not to mention throughly entertained ALL the way through. It was intense, touching and heartwarming.
So, great Job Marsha Ward! And to everyone who hasn't read this book- GO GET IT!

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and more information about her and her awesome novels.

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